Making Your Home
Energy Efficient

As energy prices have continued to climb, owning a truly efficient home is more important than ever. An efficient home will save the homeowners money while also creating a more comfortable environment inside your home. If your energy bills are higher than you would like or you are dealing with hot/cold spots in your home, your home is not efficient. It is more than likely that your current insulation just isn’t getting the job done, causing you to waste hundreds of dollars every year.

With three offices throughout the DFW Metroplex, and an expert team of professionals, Green Attics is here to help. We specialize in creating an energy efficient home for our customers; helping them save money and live in a more comfortable environment. When you call us, we first schedule and perform an energy audit. Our team of highly trained technicians will bring in state of the art equipment to analyze and measure your home’s air loss, leakage, and deficiencies. We then review all potential solutions with you, while offering an estimated ROI (return on investment).

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Why Choose Green Attics?

Most all of our Solutions have an estimated ROI or Return On Investment of 2 years or less. All of our insulation products are environmentally sustainable, meaning our Energy Efficiency products not only save you money, but also help save the planet. Our insulation is currently comprised of 30% recycled material.

Making yours an energy efficient home doesn’t have to be a difficult process.

As Featured on Good Morning Texas:

We Love our Clients:

“The difference since Green Attics came out has been significant. They added insulation, additional return air duct, and sealed all other leakage. My A/C unit has been much more efficient and easily cools the house, even during the 110 degree heat in July.” — Chris, happy client

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